Antimicrobial Resistance

Our mission is to discover and develop new medicines for life-threatening bacterial disease.

Many bacterial infections no longer respond to the medicines developed to treat them.  As rates of resistance rise, once-treatable infections now result in lengthy hospitalizations, significant morbidity, and tens of thousands of deaths each year.  New antibiotics are desperately needed. Without better medicines, routine in-patient procedures and surgeries will present unacceptable risk and humanity will face a public health crisis.  Recent projections estimate that, by 2050, resistant bacterial infections will claim more lives than cancer.  The burden of resistant infections will affect developed and developing nations alike.

There are extremely few new antibiotics currently in development, and the majority are variations on legacy drug classes. As such, they will be subject to the same resistance mechanisms.  Octagon is pursuing the development of a new class of antibiotics for Gram negative bacteria, something that has not been introduced for more than 20 years.

Octagon's discovery platform has identified essential targets in resistant bacterial pathogens that will lead to the next generation of antibiotic medicines.  The company is focused on developing antibiotics for highly resistant respiratory and urinary tract infections and has shown a high level of activity against the highest priority pathogens in animal efficacy models. Interestingly, Octagon has shown that parallel processes in human cells may drive cell populations that cause autoimmune disease.